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Your effectively gaming stats, like what Baz said.

I will refer you to these rules:

7. Do not game stats, bounties or abuse game mechanics.
Do not let yourself be killed by allies.
Do not repeatedly break blocks to increase your stats.
Do not use any method to circumvent automatic afk-kicking. <- This is what it is

9. Use common sense.
These rules aren’t exhaustive.
If something doesn’t appear in these rules but seems like it should be forbidden, then it probably is!
Ask staff members if in doubt.

This is also something you should take into account. There has be a lot of conversation recently about afk things on the forums. (don’t care if you’ve read it or not.)

So I thought common sense would prevail.

(Un)Fortunately you have asked because you were in doubt and we have now enlightened you, now go enjoy Nirvana/PirateCraft like the rule abiding player you should be.


Verdict: AFK Machines of any kind: that being machines which get you loot or up your stats and keep you online. Are BANNED.

-IF in doubt, please use a good handful of common sense first. If still in doubt, answer to us.

Closed 😛

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