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1. Lauren, you aren’t the first person to make a post like this (or a point like this). Piratecraft is a source of neverending drama for many (basically all) of the players on the server. Actually you didn’t destroy our pride with the cheap shot of tp’ing someone in because you were too weak to defend yourself (plus savage got out in time).

2. Savage is not my crew leader (aka babysitter). I bet he is somewhat better at pvp than me, but he is still not a leader.

3. Omg stop being so annoying this annoying stuff will get you killed very fast. If you keep annoying people you will get some amazing raids of 5-10 people in god armor as well as large bounties and stuff. I know this from personal experience – making annoying comments to people and then seeing how often I got raided.

4. Fam, arrogance is the worst thing you can do on this server unless you can back it up with the full force of tnt cannons and god items.

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