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(This is a request for help)

Right sorry guys, the other day I slightly deleted part of it (the most up to date best one) and added new parts for people to link information to as well as clearing up a little bit of grammar.

What would be really great, is if everyone could at least look at it, from the point of when they joined and read all the way up to the present, and if something is obviously incorrect, or needs adding- please add it. If you are not so sure, please comment here and we can have a discussion about the correct history.

The main reason I brought this up is because there is a scatter of information all over it, of which majority of what I am editing, or at least reading through, I have no clue if it happened or not due to me either not being around then or at the event (probably most people reading this) or not being included in that part of the community (pvp crew for example) etc when or so the event occurred.

If people can read through it, and correct the dates also as my memory does not serve me well , and I am sure there is a bit more about The Allied coming about which could be included which isn’t, at all or doesn’t make any real logical sense to me (e.g. Verussians joining The Allied before many of its members and the main 0utlaws conflict even occurred) which I would greatly like to see corrected by someone who knows what happened.

Again, people point fingers at me and tell me to do it and correct it myself, but if everyone can find the point on the timeline where they joined, add stuff to the timeline and/or edit out incorrect history (things like UnicornJunk101 left his pizza in the oven is fine) and re-edit it back in when (if) it did happen, that would be great as it would just speed up the whole process for everyone and new players (and old alike) can then access a wealth of detailed information as soon as they find the wiki.

I will make sure to go through it all again and streamline it etc, but this would be a great help as it can then get me onto other bits in the wiki to edit when I’m supposed to be studying- thanks!



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