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there are MANY flaws to this design


People can not be trusted to play by the rules


“community” a community

It is already a community, it is just people interact with it at different levels, more than others and in different ways.

should (emphasis on “should”) build cooperative relationships between people and make this more than a server of lonely, underground farmers

A cooperative relationship on this server is @JUSA kills you when you have a lot of loot and takes it, and does not kill you again and until you have all your loot back.

-A better relationship would be that the PVPpers stop telling people to go ‘train on other servers’, and rather instead help people to get better. I for one wouldn’t care if it was a no strings attached or promises approach, and that just due to training, would not mean they could not raid me anymore, all it would do is make me more confident in my skills and perhaps stick about, take part in raids or even give a couple of kicks before I click the respawn button again.


wars don’t really help this server’s economy, but there has been a decline in pvping, an increase in Vault Dwelling

true, true and true.

suprise attacks

The only way pvp can occur usually.


This is just going to be my last response. Setting up a ‘server wide war’ is useless unless that war can be set up by a group of influential people to target a valid group (of which I provide none as I enjoy being on practically everyone’s good side). I can give you examples again and again of why people do not pvp, instead of setting up ‘pvp’ events, which no one often attends like the seasonal ones e.g. Halloween and Christmas when PVP is turned on, fails because people do not want to lose their gear, its a guaranteed fact. The only way you can fix this, is by fixing people’s confidence in their own abilities and for them not to feel their loss is permanent (which it is not) and for it to no longer be fun and to turn into a drag.

Luckily for now, there is a lot less butthurt, salty, toxic players being reported (from what I can see) so this must be improving, though those who are not that, are going underground for the subterranean life, of no sunlight, breeze or rain. Ta la.

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