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Try to avoid suggesting the same thing someone else has already suggested in another thread. We have talked about this exact thing already. Fire-spread is already off for example. The removal of tp’s in the regular world would not encourage ship use like you think, it’d just annoy many people in the current world. The purpose of ships isn’t to force them upon people to transport themselves. It is to have a fun thing they can build and fight in battles if they wish. They can even use them to build bridges and think of new creative ways to raid. You say there is a huge lack of ships, yet most deckhands I see that come on end up building a ship in their first day of playing right outside their newly made base. It’s almost always the second thing they’re excited to try out. For now just understand the system works as is, and there will be something new eventually for those looking to change things up. Thanks

Here’s a link to the thread where Gods already addressed this:

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