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My Username: fra267

Player(s) Being Reported.
Username: JUSAPlayer1 , Asterity , MysticusTiticus
UUID: 069910c7-9baf-4f05-b458-edf974b49c71 , 887f93d0-e4c3-47ea-9fa1-e5b5e4870a67 , 000aed2a-d619-47bc-9883-af842dfcac02
Punishment Tracker URL:

Reason for Report (please select as needed)

Overview Description of Report
These players have abused the destruction permitted during a siege they were making to me, and this consequently resulted in a very wide grief.

Detailed Information
The siege lasted 28:40 minutes since 15:42:00 CET to 16:10:40 CET, 10/02/2018. The coordinates of the griefs are -7320 3200.


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