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I like the idea of a new server, but if we are making another one its has to be different somehow otherwise its basically just the same thing and its just a waste of time.

Some ideas I’ve heard on this forum thread that I like are:

No Teleportation, this would promote trade and transport of resources.  This would also increase the use of player built ships since then you would need to sometimes transport large amount of resources from place to place and those small vanilla boats though faster can only transport whats in your inventory.  Thus no teleportation is a really good idea.

Maps based off of real world places, like a map of the Caribbean (which would be much better if it was a map of the Caribbean plus surrounding land areas like central america, Florida and keys, and northern parts of south america to have more land areas).  It is also possible that we could have a world map, although finding a close to 1:1 scale for that would be difficult.  Oh yea for maps like the Caribbean, a map that was close to real size would be best since it would be annoying if it was not close to same size because then some islands would be to small to put towns on.

No Dynmap, this idea I’ve heard about and I think in general its a good idea since it would promote exploring and maps.  Now of course you could say if we had a real world map then you just need google maps but here is the thing, you wouldn’t know where people or towns are since players will be able to set up towns and forts wherever thus even with a real world map in place you would still need exploring and maps.  Which would be fun since then maps would be worth something.

Island Map, going with the stuff about maps, if we do not use a real world map like the Caribbean or such, having a map that is mostly islands and not large continents would be cool.

Towns/Cities and claims stuff, decided to put this as one point, because I’ve seen a lot about this.  Now the idea I think would be best is if people can make towns and like the size of the town leads to more and more NPCs spawning in or such in the town area.  And its more special NPCs who can like trade and sell stuff and who knows maybe other things to.  And towns can get attacked and burned down and NPCs killed.  Now maybe this isn’t a great idea and there is better ideas as to how player built towns can work but I still want the idea of player built towns but what would be better is if the towns where more fluent like they can be taken over and attacked and such.

Cannons (must keep), ok I heard someone say that we should not have cannons, all ill say is NO.  We NEED cannons or at least something like cannons because without cannons it greatly limits battles via ships and forts and such.

There may be stuff I missed while reading through the chat but that is what I think is good.



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