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@Benthebruce thank you for your response, however you do seem to have misread some of my post. I never mentioned anything about saying what had happened inside BE government forums. I have screenshots of most of the government’s most important deleted posts on my pc that I filed and could have released them, I did not (Please note that I am not blackmailing BE in any way, I am simply making a point). I simply decided to share a very small and non confidential piece of information in order to prove my point about the government not acting in the way I would have hoped. I do also understand that not all of the government were responsible for what happened, however once the post I made was closed no government member decided to share their thoughts, and in general I got the sense that the government were trying to cover up what had happened. I also completely understand Taulov is one person within BE. However we ourselves recently discussed going to war over Net and Jusa taking Jammin’s ships and claiming them, a crime I would rate as much more petty than what happened to Moo. My point is that Taulov was not a random cadet who had been in BE for a week, he was the second most powerful in the BE. Furthermore I did not say I was going to be disloyal, I simply stated the fact that many government members would very likely call me disloyal, traitorous, etc. I have no plan to be disloyal towards BE. Like I said in my recent post, I stayed in BE even when most of the server had turned against us. Until a week ago I had trust on a British vault containing close to a stack of gapples, more than ten godsets, and other loot. I did not raid the vault in question and would never do so (Again please don’t interpret this as blackmail in any form). Personally I wouldn’t say I was being disloyal in this way. I closed my post with #BlameTaulov because Taulov is a good friend of mine from within BE and I was shocked to see what had happened to Moo’s base. I had similar thoughts about you when your name came up as a possible culprit during the teamspeak conversation I was in when I heard about the incident. I’m not going lie to someone about what they have done. I would do the same to anyone else, including from CLTN. I also hope to remain good friends with some of the best people I met within BE, such as you, Smokin, Baz, and others.

you are correct, I did take part in establishing the first BE colony. I would also like to add that, after siegeproofing the player’s houses, and establishing a farm, I left the crew and the colony when the crew announced they did not want to be under British control and I was not part of any sort of forceful offensive against said colony (I do not know if BE have attacked it since, I did hear talk of such actions). If I did cause any harm to the town, I apologise to TSE (The crew that was colonised).

(Please forgive me if this post has grammatical errors, I have been writing a physics paper for the past three hours and my brain is not functioning)

-Proprietor of Fort Abercrombie

-Patient #412 of the Asylum

"I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps."
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