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A big thank you for everyone taking part, this was the largest turnout for a ship battle ever (at least 25 taking part and a further 10 spectating)! Without further ado, here are the results of the 1 hour and 40 minute battle:

Winners (based on who went out last): 

  1. RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_2000_xXx – Gruusha/Jmoo (captain), Minister_Moo, LlewyMudlark, Riverwood202, Nahadoth, Joe_danger_2003, JUSAplayer1 (at the end)
  2. Orange Narwhal – Most of BE (If someone could send me alist of the crew that would be fab)
  3. Red Narwhal – CaptainReef, Bazurka
  4. Lone ship – Lone crew members + romich
  5. The royal Narwhal – xMadboltx, Snapcrackplays

It was a very close fight until the very end, and the last two narwhal ships took a beating before they were both disabled. It really was close!

Other rankings, based on my observations:

  • Most damage received as a % of the ship – Orange Narwhal
  • Most damage dealt as % of the ship – RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_20o0_xXx
  • Most damage repaired as % of the ship – Lone Ship (repaired the ship twice, before finally being disabled)
  • Most ships sunk/disabled – RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_200o_xXx (4 ships disabled)
  • Most player kills – Draw between RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_2000_xXx, and Orange Narwhal (you two basically nailed everyone, I stopped counting half way through haha)

Out of all 5 ships that took part, all three BE ships were subs, the Lone Ship was a brig (and made fully out of wood!), and the Teletubbie was an indiaman

Next ship battle: 8pm UK time/3pm EST (same time as today), Saturday 4th November (next saturday) – I hope to see you there! (I’ll make another post tomorrow)


Please post any screenshots down below, mine are on their way!

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