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i did say that i would like to publicly defend myself.
because now i have been twice denied the ability to defend myself.
now, i gather that astro & cottage came to you first. so youve only heard one side of the story. and have denied me my ability to defend myself publicly. assuming my guilt without verifying all the facts:
those screen shots are the last things we said to each other. i was being harassed & antagonized by both astro & cottage for no reason. and this harassment & antagonism continued for quite some time.
i made a comment to astro that no one cares about his narwhal. and immediately cottage butted in. i would have left it at that. however astro & cottage began a barrage of demeaning comments directed at me in public chat. i had to continuously tell them they were acting like children and that their comments were unfounded. i had told them in public chat that i didnt want to hear their juvenile comments any longer. and they continued to harass me. the two of them ganged up on me for no reason, and their comments were wholly demeaning. this harassment from both astro & cottage continued for quite some time.
i had no intention of filling a complaint about them. ”this is piratecraft…”

did no one consider my side of the story? why would i make such comments? i have been on this server for over two years and i have no history of such behavior.
there were plenty of witnesses to astro’s & cottage’s harassment.
so they take a screen shot of the end of the argument, when i said i was done and i knew this conflict would continue had i stayed on. so i logged off and called it a night.

the evidence suggests that they goaded and provoked me until they could take a screen shot. and they made a complaint first. the end result being that i am assumed to be guilty.
what’s worse is that no one bothered to get all the facts, and i have been denied what i feel is anyone’s right to defend themselves in a public forum. as you can see, i am fully capable of defending myself in a rational & intelligent manner.
*thank you for the opportunity to publicly defend myself.

i do not have screen shots. although i felt astro & cottage were most definitely demeaning, i had no intention of filing a complaint, as i would attribute their actions to just being children.

i acknowledge that i may have been a but harsh in my choice of words, but they felt they could dish it out, i thought they could handle it.

i will accept responsibility.

and i will unquestioningly accept a week ban if astro & cottage are included.

thank you for your attention

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