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Current Username: Raven228
Username when banned: Raven228
Your punishment tracker link:
Banned By: Markusi13

Unban Appeal:

Before I say anything more, I would like to publically apologize to the PirateCraft community. I would like to apologize for my rude comments, foul language, and constant spamming that I did on that day and all days before. I would especially like to apologize to Turkeyman11a, Silverstone47, AstroBolt, and Wemb. I am truly sorry for disrespecting you all and the rest of the server. At the time I was upset with personal things going on in my life and I believe that my anger and frustration transferred onto this server as well. This as many of you know has happened before in the past. If you go to my punishment checker @ , you will see that I have been banned for similar occurrences. All I am asking is if the PirateCraft staff could even lessen my ban to a temporary ban, I would be willing to accept even a several month ban. If you all could give me one more chance, I would be very happy and I promise that I will NOT do any of this childish stuff in the future. I’m assuming that Astrobolt and Silverstone47 did not screenshot the messages and I failed to do so myself, but soon after this tantrum of mine, I did apologize to both of them. I am willing to reason with the staff and form some type of deal so that I can come back to this wonderful server. I have been a long time member and has always loved this one of a kind server from the bottom of my heart. I have voted for it many times and I have always wanted to donate to it, but I never was allowed to, but I’m sorry that I could not. So all in all, if you, the PirateCraft community, could just let me have one more chance at this amazing server, I promise you that I will not screw up again and cause problems with anyone on it. Thank you for reading through this, I will try and respond to any comments to this appeal. Once again I apologize for everything.


Reply To Astrobolt’s Message:

Astrobolt, I did message you in the game and apologized on the same day of this incident. If you do not want to believe it, that is up to you. You, however, have also messed up many times in the past even getting on the bad side of GodsDead, as seen in the image.

    Astrobolt wrote, “Having several bans and mutes in the past for similar occurences is an even better reason to deny this.”

You have been permanetly banned many times by staff, some for jokes but others because you annoy the shit out of them. They gave you a chance and I apologized to you:

“I would especially like to apologize to Turkeyman11a, Silverstone47, AstroBolt, and Wemb. I am truly sorry for disrespecting you all and the rest of the server.”

I truly am sorry for what I did, but I do not like when people lie either.

Astrobolt wrote, “Whenever you are online, all you do is troll, make threats, and tell people to kill themselves.. (it has been like this for several months)”

I have been off the server for awhile lately due to personal reasons and I certainly have not talked to you for a long time. Ever since I joined the British Empire a few months ago, I have not verbally attacked you like I did the night of my ban. I also do not recall telling anyone to kill themselves and if I am wrong about that please show me a screenshot of when I said that.

So really, I am sincerly sorry to you and everyone else, but please do not be a hypocrite when it comes to saying that I have been muted and kicked many times and because of that, I should not get a ban appeal. At a time, you were in this situation too.

Astrobolt’s Punishment Checker Screenshots and Ban from GodsDead:

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- Raven228
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