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The issue is, in the past I have seen people who weren’t the victims or even involved at all start raising a stink in the chat with those doing the bad stuff but never actually do anything to help out and stop the bad things from continuing. If im getting mugged by a group of people and everyone’s just watching and telling the guys to stop, they arent going to and im still getting beat down and robbed. Im glad they called the cops and recorded some evidence on their cell phone but i still had to endure way more pain and suffering than if they would have stepped in and ran the guys off when they first saw it happening, then called the cops. If you feel bad enough for some one in trouble to report it, then sacrifice yourself to help them get out of trouble while they are experiencing it  Thats all I have been saying.

Blu I 100% agree with this, however I did tell them to stop to begin with, I even msged an online staff member on the discord who was afk. I also consulted with the deckhand and advised him/her to make the report themself, however they did not. As for your quote, its a really good one but your claiming I should have taken action myself before making the report, which I did. Im not sure if your meaning to take the matters into my own hands and go into a 1v5 at the time and lose a godset however.

There is many different forms of action that a person can take to help a situation, and I feel this was the last hope at the time as I see this and the rules clearly state that this is a forum of harassment.

Ok so who was the main one to kill the most because that does fall under harassment

I remind you all that my answer was Kyshinnn, and its up to staff to see what the punishment is.

Perhaps next time Ill just pm godsdead himself, as it seems all the forum reports turn out to be is a random compilation of garbage and toxicity…

A endermite kicked my ass

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