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I wouldn’t say you’re wasting our time. Yet.

Despite what Reptaria has so kindly stated above, I think you deserve your second chance.  Nobody can trust whether or not you’ll stay true to your word and not hack, but I think chances are extremely slim you’ll take yet another risk after seven months of being banned and hack again. Just, very unlikely. I know you understand the importance of this matter, and how what you did was extremely wrong on your part, but I also know you understand what the consequences are and I think you wouldn’t jeopardize yet another chance with hacking. Let’s realize that people!

Just because someone makes a single bad decision, or two, doesn’t mean we must define that person due to their mistakes and idiotic decisions. I think we all know this to be true. It’s only when those decisions are repeated, that we are given the right to allow them to define you. Texter.

<span style=”color: #555555; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; background-color: #fbfbfb;”> Recently I have been wanting to comeback for a second chance. Start completely afresh with fresh opinions of me. I know its a lot to ask but if there is anyway I can get even a small chance I would take it.</span>

This is a lot to ask — and take in — but I’m all for you coming back. But tis’ not my decision, matey.

I bid thee good luck, I really believe you deserve your chance to prove once and for all you’re  a changed person. And I hope some members of the community agree with me and believe in second chances.

For Gods:

Username: <span style=”font-size: 14px;”>Texter495</span>

Side note: You may want to link your punishment checker ID.

Good luck,


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