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Unnamed. Please Delete this Account.
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<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Current Username: Jangles_da_clown</span>

Username when banned: Jangles_da_clown
Banned By: Chailey (may now be charlie)

Unban Appeal

Yes. My name may sound not serious, but what I am about to say is conducted in complete sincerity: I was banned quite some time ago for having a hacked client (although there were no mods loaded onto it at the time, as it was liteloader and had no mods to begin with). This is the only server I take seriously in trying to maintain a good relationship with admin and users (and trying to stay mod-free). Although I pestered and annoyed some, it was because I liked to joke around with them. In fact many of those users became moderate friends (not too good of friends, because it is just a game, and you never really know someone until you met them in real life). I was deeply saddened whenI was permanently ripped from those relationships all because I forgot to change my launcher setting before starting the game.


A quote from Chailey (Or Charley, I presume)

“Maybe just take a break for a bit, and if you can come up with a really very convincing argument in a few months, I may consider unbanning you.”

I believe I have been of the server for a large chunk of time, and believe this request is convincing enough for you to consider letting me enjoy piratecraft once again.

P.S if you need any more screenshots, I’ll try to get them sent to you faster than I originally did.

Please Delete this Account and forget that it ever Existed.

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