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Hello, My names 12965kj. I am writing this report mostly for a town I am in and less so for myself. The people in the town, cosmic, Ash, Tripple-diamond, and a few others are starting to find the server a little tedious and disappointing, with little time to actually play minecraft, and mostly just hide and get killed. Now I realize there is a joke going along called the butthurt forum, which I must say I love the graphic, but this is not to complain or ask for items or anything like that. Simply asking to issue to issue a warning to a faction or group of players that have broken rule Number 1. This rule located under the thread Guides > Rules, states

1.Be polite & respectful to players (no trolling, harassing, bullying, etc)

Respect other players. If you’re angry against a player, use a pirate insult, nothing else. Do not try to troll players and do not attack a player repeatedly without a valid reason.

A pretty basic rule that in all honesty, makes a lot of sense. It insures that all new players while open to attack, will be able to still enjoy the game without being constantly attacked and trolled for no other reason than to troll them and ruin their day. It helps ensure that players will continue to join this server and want to return. One group though, has been trolling constantly, killing  players and those who are trying to start out, repeatedly, and without a valid reason. This group consist of Captain_Jones, Oxcellent, DrifitingSixGuns, and a few others. While questioning DriftingSixGuns why he and the before mentioned group constantly attack CommanderAsh123, Triple-diamond, and a few other weak players, his response was “Have you ever heard of ghosting lmao”. When I asked him further what that was, thinking it was a block glitch, he told me its just trolling. With a quick google search, i found out that it means to troll weaker players and constantly kill them for the fun of killing them and watching them struggle.  While for him its fun and games, for many players they have found it an annoyance to log on, and within 2 minutes, be attacked and killed and under siege by Captain_Jones’ group. Further more, they will keep attacking and killing the players needlessly just to troll them and for the laughs, not following along with any form of roleplay or have a valid reason to keep attacking them on a daily basis. Captain_Jones is also killing people randomly, even when they have no loot just for fun. An example was today, 5/1/2017, when I was talking with Marcus about what detonator rank is the best bang for the buck, and was sitting in the detonator warp.  Captain_Jones, after killing me not 5 minutes ago while looking at a shop, then used the live map to track me to the detonator warp, and kill me again. I had no to little items on me in both situations, but it is still a frustrating when your trying to talk with a staff member about donating and keep being killed just for the “lolz”, as Captain_jones might say.


I would like to repeat that I have no desire for compensation or anything of the like, I simply wish for this group to be warned that they are breaking the official rules. While I have the chat where DriftingSixGuns talked about ghosting, I did not scroll down enough for when he said trolling, though a quick search of the logs will be able to pull this up if further evidence is needed. I thank you for your generous time, and hope to hear back soon.




Attached to this document is an image with in game chat pertaining to DriftingSixGuns rule infringement

-Side note i cant seem to post anything on the forum all of a sudden

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