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Very cool new spawn! Quick question Max: Did you get inspiration from the flying dutchman?

No, I did it free hand. The Flying Dutchman is a much slimmer and taller ship, quite a different design and layout. This one is much wider, has an additional gun deck submerged beneath the water, and has a completely different gallery.

I don’t know if this is intended or not, but I figured I should make sure you know about it:

  • Doors can not be opened at spawn. I’ve tried it at /warp info and you can’t get inside or outside from there;
  • Levers can’t be used, so the spawn border gate is not openable.

Hope it helps!

That’s because people kept opening and closing all of the trapdoors that were intended for decoration. I will open the doors for you, if they haven’t been opened already – it was just to stop people messing with things they shouldn’t be messing with.

also @maximus_terragon what shaders did you use and can you give me a link to them?

The photos used were courtesy of Simbad_Tiger. You’ll have to ask him about the shaders. As a side note, I use Sildurs Vibrant Shaders v1.161 High.


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