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Thanks Godsdead.

After a bit of testing I discovered that using a nether portal in the rail station connects to the cove nether portal. In order to bypass this, I propose an underground rail built from the rail station in the overworld to the rail station in London, to which the other rails will connect.

Below is an image of where I propose to build the railway. The red line indicates the rail, which will be underground so not noticeable or in the way of anything. The branch shows two possible routes, one direct but diagonal which is tricky in minecraft and the other completely straight – further testing will be needed before I know which I intend to use.

I already have permissions to build at the cove, so that is no problem, however between the rail station and London is a large admin claim I have no permissions in. I have outlined a rough area showing this in yellow. If this proposition is accepted I will require perms there to build the railway.

The entrance to this rail would be at the opposite side of the entrance of the cove station. This would have to replace a small door which is currently there.

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