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Thanks for the endorsement, however as Keto said warps are not used for players anymore. Alternatively I would like to suggest an idea I have been considering for a while. I would like to ask if it would be possible to get a plot at cove to use as a railway station so that it can be linked to the BE public rail network. The rail currently goes to warp shop, Aeos island and London – the main trade destinations of the server. At the moment there is a small charge for use of the rail but this would of course be removed should it recieve cooperation from staff to prevent the unfair advantage this would bring. The rail’s current main access station at warp shop is a bit out of the way, and difficult for players who are not already aware of it’s existance to access. The station at warp cove should allow new players to access this more easily and as an extension find it easier to navigate to some of the biggest trade towns on the server. (As well as providing a nice immersion aspect rather than using /warp shop should anyone wish to do so) In answer to anyone worried about BE monopolisation, I would be more than happy to link any rails anyone wants to make to the network – providing it goes to an actual location and not some trap or the middle of nowhere. This is true currently and not just if the station at cove gets accepted. Thank you for considering this request. @godsdead – incase you or any other staff dont see this (I resubmitted this because when I edited the post it was removed (or it was just hidden from me) so apologies if anyone can see it twice.)

Sure, we have a station and unused platforms.

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