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louslous was threatening to go to the police in game chat as banned IP’s are visible on the punishment tracker, No usernames are associated and the majority of banned IP’s are from hackers using VPNs. No staff knew these IP’s were even visible as we dont write the software, louslous did not make a report, he did not contact staff, he did not PM any staff, he did not contact any of us in any way, he was making threats in chat.

After looking at the “Leaked IP’s” (There are none, don’t worry louslous is a moron) we have come to the conclusion the information available is harmless. See for yourself.

No usernames associated with them, feel free to put yours in and search for it.

These just show banned IP’s, like you can ban users, you can also ban based on IP, say for instance someone is using Alts to troll the chat, we ban IP. Thats all that is.

  1. You didn’t make a report for your “issue”, you started telling people in global chat this line “ALL PIRATECRAFT PLAYER IPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE IM GOING TO THE POLICE IF THIS ISN’T REMOVED BY NEXT WEEK” This Is fabricating false information, Fabricating lies about me/the server is ban worthy. you are informing users of a complete lie you have fabricated.
  2. Making idle threats directly towards me because you are ill informed and uneducated is definitely ban worthy.
  3. No users information is ever “leaked”, it never has been, it never will be (To the best of my power!).
  4. There is absolutely nothing illegal about showing an IP, There are literally websites out there that list every IP in existence there are databases of every IP for Geo IP to gather a rough location of a user based on thier IP.
  5. An IP address is public information, Absolutely every single website, every image you load, every single chat your in, every single thing you connect to the internet has your IP, when you visit those dodgy websites, THEY have your IP.

You need to learn what an IP is
I have cross referenced your IP with the banned ip’s on PirateCraft and you are not even on the list (yet).

This is louslous punishment profile, 2 bans, 6 mutes, 3 kicks.

Making threats like this for something that you have absolutely no knowledge or even common sense about is a serious matter, so I will be following up with this as you have created a very serious threat.

louslous I will be in contact.

If anyone else has an issue with these IP’s being displayed, I suggest you don’t get an IP ban on PirateCraft, no username is associated so its impossible to pinpoint who they belong to anyway.

This punishment tracker is primary a tool to help staff members, its a great resource to post to peoples punishments.

Permanent ban louslous.

(you wasted so much of my time set aside to improving piratecraft, just so everyone knows the time you wasted that could have been spent adding new ranks, because of your stupidity)


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