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Chase Cusack
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Eririchan, SodaCanKitty, and Myself (SilentKain) would like it if you could remove the claim at

Pos: 3550, 69, 4065 – 3518, 69, 4062


Pos 3559, 70, 4091 – 3554, 70, 105

ClaimOwner: Artisticrave

Last seen: 2016-11-10, offline 5 months 10 days

Play time: 4d 15h.

I know that Artisticrave has played for a while, but the claim is really small maybe 100 blocks? It is in the middle of an abandoned area, and the only 1 that seems to remain.  We have spent a long time rebuilding the castle and would like to continue to expand to build a ship port and so on.

Thank you for your consideration

SilentKain and crew.

/50 Online

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