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Killed by another player: [Player] was shanked in the eye by [Player]


With pickaxe : [player] was mined out existence by [killer]’s [pickaxe name]

Added (Corrected spelling)

killed with stick: (player killed) was poked a bit too hard by (player that killed) ex. Idoit123 was poked a bit too hard by Mr.Nubs

Giggidy, Added.

Generic Death by PvP: X shivered Y’s Timbers using (item name). Death by Cactus: Y thought a cactus would make a nice chair. Death by Drowning: Y forgot that they need air to breathe. Death by Explosion: Y’s internal organs went all across the room.


Unknown cause of death: Dead men tell no tales… Drowning: Player has sunk to the deaths. Starvation: Player was marooned. Player died of scurvy.

These are good, Added.


(for fall damage) [player] decided to go cliff diving without water.


Death by arrow: “player got a 360° Quickscope Headshot from xXPr0_5n1p3r_other playerXx ” ?

Not added.

Reason: Hit the Ground to Hard MSG: Seems [name] fell into a deep Trench a very deep Trench…

Nice, Username referral too! Added.

This would be nice to see for a generic death message: [player] has embraced the void just a thought

Added for death by void.

Generic death message: player1 Rested In Peace Alternatives: player2 Rested In Pasta Player3 Rested In Pieces ?

Rested in pieces added to death by fireball.

Paul maybe if you die because of fire something along the lines of… That Paul was on fireeeee! You know that song right?

Not added.

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