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Hmmm… K, let’s just say that I can only use a bow, I can only build boxes, and I have a just carrot farm, what happens then?

Well you lost one of your godbows to me while you were wearing captain with no sword -.-

okay, mention that a 60th time why don’t you? I have another that I named <i>Fregley’s Booger</i> from diary of a wimpy kid. Anyways, who says I need a god bow? I do well with gunner bows XD. Oh yeah and 😛 I don’t get why you like doing that so much on the server XD. And I was wearing captain with a sword. I have to swipe twice sorta thing to change my weapon because I have a mouse pad on  a MacBook. I never get things out in time, I hate trackpads. Anyway you did well in your three v one, you really showed me that three people can defeat a person in captain armor. Eisentod and I are now friends now. The night when you attacked me I was tired and aggravated by other things. Yesterday when u shot me with my own bow, I was like “OH MY GOD, KELLYORE STILL SELLS RECURVES!? I remember when @lego took (facepalms) oh….” Anyway until your recurve dies, I’m not naming another recurve XD.


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