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Hello This is SeconDeath. EmperorLew and Myself recently made an enderman grinder with storage for stuff. Yesterday we finished working on our shop at trade and the server crashed. Now the problem here is today when I logged back on all of the stuff from the chests was missing EVERYTHING gone. Missing Stuff – 1. 2 Stacks of Diamond 2. one dub chest full of enchantment books ranging from prot4, eff 5, unbrek 3, resp 3, aqua 1, bow enchants, some shitty books. 3. 5 Stacks of xp bottles. 4. 20 stacks of empty bottles. 5. 2 dub chest full of enderpearls ( wich I spent 2 hours grinding for… ) 6. Shop stuff I stripped from my shop at warp shop ( 4 stacks of quartz, 3 stacks of nether brick, 1 stack of sea lanterns ) Admins can confirm this with Emperorlew hes co owner of the claim. Our UUID’s EmperorLew- 42a0bae4-9a59-412d-ba9c-b5f302628f47 LEGO_Classic- 66c0e9d8-56e7-42fd-bae8-d009bce559cd Calliemav was recently there I showed him the grinder and other than him only michty was there but he cannot steal it bcos he left in front of me and he is not a captain. That is why I think this has to do with the server crash. @calliemav @smokeyriver

Enderchest? That would have been the only think that could have got wiped, If its a normal chest that you filled up, you got robbed. The world-data was fine, Unless you are saying you deposited this entire lot of items in the 10 seconds the server was crashing?

Just a heads up. This might be related to the sever crash but idk. Earlier when I tried to bottle my xp it gave this message; “refunded 28 bottles, bottles ordered 0”. I tried /bottle max, /bottle 5, /bottle 10 but it never filled any. The command /bottle until, did work though. Dont know why the sever going down would mess with the bottlexp plug-in but thought it worth mentioning. Thanks guys for all the hard work to get it up and running again.

There is an update to the XP Bottle plugin, let me push that and see if its a fix, I don’t think it stores any data, so the wipe couldn’t have corrupted anything with the XP bottle plugin, I will check its config just in case.

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