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Both Block and Odiwan are terrible choices to have in your crew. Block likes to hide behind his leaders/other powerful members in order to survive and Odiwan…well, Odiwan’s one of the “jokes” of the server.

hehe, I like jokes…

Here’s a good idea, don’t accept anyone asking for leader on this current forum post, their as good as people asking for OP on a server and then abusing their powers to be honest, I suggest recruiting lower ranked/more cadets for your citizens etc and training them, then for leaders you could see who is the best out of the group and pick that person.

what!? Nuuuu, I don’t wanna be OP, I wanna have more of a global crew, nobody’s on except for like 7 people when I’m on. The only people that are on are in CoV. I wanna wind!

LEMME BE IN IT! Wind sounds like such a cool name! Can I be a leader!? Oooooooh I am ready. Can we not make it a “Peaceful Crew” too? I wanna kill everyone. In a team. No rules. No laws. Just death.

Eh no, please don’t make him a leader >.> trust me.

Trust you? Why? I’ve never been in a crew with you in my life! And I’ve never been a leader! Who knows maybe I could do some good? I know I’m not the best at pirate craft just don’t keep on sneaking it in to all your sentences about me.


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