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Hmmm… I will be using one soon for a sugar cane farm that I hope will work. The piston will go non-stop on the second piece of sugar cane, so just as it grows it will knock it down. I don’t really know what else to do with one. There are cobblestone generators, but I’d much rather be rewarded with diamonds when I mine.


Cobblestone generators aren’t allowed and using a redstone clock for auto sugar cane farms is unnecessary. BUD switches are much better for auto sugarcane farms.


at the moment you can’t really use them because of the little lags. So if there is a way that there is no lag i would use them very often.

You mean the reason for lag IS the redstone clocks. Im looking for ways to reduce lag, Hoppers take up 5% of all resources, they are also used in redstone clocks.


Sadly if redstone clocks become against the rules, there’s many redstone builds (such as auto farms) that will become impossible. In my opinion they should stay. I have an entire base dedicated to auto farms (basically my “factory”) and a few of the builds require redstone clocks (such as my auto mushroom farm), so the base will become pointless if redstone clocks get disabled/become against the rules.

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