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Dear The Kaiser,

You obviously are doing this for power since the British Empire did nothing to you. Your allies refuse to fight with you and still your so convinced that war is the only way. Lets say some how you actually beat the BE, theirs only two ways it could end. Either BE underestimates Ashikaga and fails to beat you. And then BE attacks all of Ashikaga’s cities and towns with greater numbers then before. You will eventually surrender and all your allies with betray you and help BE. You will be the leader of nothing and Ashikaga will be forgotten. Now I read that at loud it sounds way worse then I expected. Lets say you actually win the entire war… Your allies will turn against you and BE or some other empire out there will destroy Ashikaga just for the fun of it. <—Impossible Anyway you are clearly warmongering and want power so when people think of Ashikaga they think of the destroyers of one of PirateCraft’s Greatest empires. If you don’t want this to happen I suggest stop this before you get  yourself into big trouble.

P.S. What happens if nothing works out the way you planned? Everyone will make fun of you for trying to take down the BE.
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