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First of all, there are 6 general types of players;

1.) The noob – He’s new and asking 101 questions or just joined the server.

2.) The idiot – This guy is nearly worthless and no one respects him.

3.) The Pros/experienced – Players who have played enough to know how to get good in almost any server, (and usually have already completely dominated a server or contributed to the domination of a server in the past).

4.) The OP/Legends – People who are nearly untouchable and have yielded the rewards of previous experiences that new players, (whether experienced or not) cannot match in items or money.

5.) The Regulars – This guy doesn’t invest in being the best or the king of the server; they just live their life and/or pvp in whatever gear they got when they feel like it. They generally farm, build, and mine, and don’t take the time to make godly armor to enjoy the pvp survival experience. They vary in skill.

6.) The Grandma – She’s a God. Cannot be handled. Cannot be dealt with. Do not engage.

Second of all, cannons were designed for SHIPS. To complain that ships can’t bust through claimed land is like complaining about your ice cream melting over your hot brownie. Yes, the ice cream and brownie can be eaten together and it works out well, however, the ice cream wasn’t designed to rest on something hot, (unless you want sugary soup). So you want the fundamentals of ice cream to change because it melts on hot stuff? Sounds childish. Enjoy the different combos you can create, but don’t complain about it when it doesn’t work out because it’s not what it was made for.

I'm just a sweet ol' grandma tryna understand wtf I just read.

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