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This thread holds the common mis-conception of most players on the server. People are trying to be so historically correct when all players care about is being a Minecraft Pirate. They don’t care that pirates might have only looted or whatever, (which is still a bad thing btw), they just want to play the GAME and be their version of a pirate. The definition of a pirate has also been re-defined in this server.

Also, might want to double check your google search on pirate history. They’re not remembered for being honorable warriors of the sea. And the reason why most people under the tight grip of a firm government call rebels such as pirates ‘heroes’ is because they have the guts to defy the control-hungry governments. That doesn’t make someone a hero, so that comment was completely irrelevant.

Stop trying to make everyone get serious over an online lego video game. If that’s what a pirate is to them, that’s what it is to them. If you’ve got a problem, there’s a thing in Minecraft called a “sword” or “bow”, (mostly used in survival pvp servers….oh wait). Try that for a change.

I'm just a sweet ol' grandma tryna understand wtf I just read.

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