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when everyone in the chat is agaist you thats when you should give up XD and you know whats funny? the only person who liked his comment was the asshole of assholes Hardtimez….


You talk a lot for someone who has nothing to say. How many of your heads does HardTimez has? And why are you name-calling at people who play the server the way it was meant to be? There is a serious brain damage issue on this server where players condemn other players for being pirates on a pirate server. Even worse, some of the players that condemn the pirates act like pirates themselves when they want. They pick and choose, and only stop when they lose more then they gained for doing it. So weaker half-pirates curse the better pirates because they’re better at being pirates. Stfu and play the game. Don’t spam your noob comments on my Declaration of War, you failed excuse for a pirate.

I'm just a sweet ol' grandma tryna understand wtf I just read.

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