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A1A you were the one who claimed that the BE were weak and had no real power just members,but then they annihilated you.we just wanna get on with life while the pirates won’t to wreck that,that’s why war is at hand

Don’t fudge the script, I was killed once by MrWilliamTurner, (who had no crew at the time and was hired to kill me). The BE didn’t even touch me during that time. Also note that BE called me for assistance against the 0utlaws, and I’ve successfully helped them in each campaign. Know who you’re talking to.

They didn’t annihilate me, I simply called for a truce because I was too new a player to handle 10 people constantly hunting me down. Where are they now?

I'm just a sweet ol' grandma tryna understand wtf I just read.

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