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I would just like to quickly drop a notice in. The elves formally declared war on us less than a week ago. From what I know, no form of treaty has been drafted, and therefore the 0utlaws remain at war with the elves. If you would like to draft a treaty, drop me a mail. But, other than that, our crew will still take this war as an Elven-Anglo war against us until a treaty has been signed formally. We do however support the elves in removing themselves from this war, as I believe all three parties have had a major strain on resources since this started. I would also quickly like to mention that, to Rep, dishonoring the ceasefire by declaring war has removed most, if not all, respect for you as a diplomat. I hope to conclude any negotiations rather swiftly, but we expect you to take our terms with no little attention and the utmost seriousness.

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