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I will confirm that I was there, but I was on the side of Verussia. Dork, when you hit me I did lash out drastically, as I am sure you know that, whilst helping someone you do not expect to get killed by your allies. I was not however apart of any raiding activity on verussian lands, as I deem PresidentRS a friend. If any member of the Verussian empire needs aid, you can count on myself and my 1st general to lend it. I have already helped arm the people of your towns so they can defend themselves.

As for you dork, it’s funny how when I got revenge on you for what you did to my settlement, Crab was your first line of defence. You have already lied through your skin try and harass my town members, and now you lie to your supposed allies?

PresidentRS, I will gladly lend direct support via builders to help repair damage and fortify your towns. However, the next time your people gang up on me for defending myself, I will not be so kind.

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