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    Sorry to bother you guys already, but is there a staff member who can help me? A kid named Arker destroyed my signs and replaced them, claiming that the island was his when I was there first. He also took down all my trees, which doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you’re in the middle of the ocean it kinda sucks. Can someone make sure he…[Read more]

  • <b style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>Ok:)! Just to clarify, I’m not trying to criticize you in any way, shape or form, just trying to offer some advice to see if you would think it could help:P.</b>

  • Adam replied to the topic Hullo:P! in the forum PirateCraft General 3 years, 3 months ago

    <b>Soz for any typos/poorly-phrased sentences, I’m on my phone right now lol.</b>

  • Hi guys, my name’s Enzo and I just joined your server:)! The unique plugins and friendly community have already drawn me in, thanks for the warm welcome!

    As you all know, the world has been pretty well-explored, and there aren’t too many places that haven’t already been settled. I took some time last night to just go over the map and find a good…[Read more]

  • Your website looks really professional and well-organized! If you ever need any help or advice with/on it just contact me, I’ve got a good amount of experience with website design(I’d post some urls but I don’t want to advertise, message me if you’d like to see some of the work I’ve done).


    Also, I haven’t been here all that long(I joined just…[Read more]

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    Piratecraft is a pirate themed minecraft server run by Pirates! Yarr! You can play right now IP: You will need a premium minecraft account to play on PirateCraft, you can get a game code from here.

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