More Bows

We have more craftable bows that can be made on a normal workbench, Look at the recipes below for crafting instructions for each bow, Clicking on each one will scroll you down to its corresponding information.

15 Arrows

Crafting-recipe for 15 Arrows, so 3 Arrows extra (4+4+4+3)

Aquatic Bow

Shot arrows are fast, even underwater. Leftclick to get short effects and boost forward a bit.

Explosion Bow

Creates an Explosion at the block/mob the arrow hits. The default explosion radius is 1/2, so no blocks get blown up

Fire Bow

Bow with Enchantment “Fire Aspect I”

Freeze Bow

Puts the Mob in ice-blocks and adds Slowness-Effect

Lightning Bow

Lightning strikes the block/mob the arrow hits

Lightning Soul

Needed to activate Lighting-Bows. Rightclick to use.

Normal Bow

The normal Vanilla-Bow

Poison Bow

The hit Mob gets poisoned for 5 seconds

Power/I/II/III/IV/V Bow

Bow with Enchantment “Power/I/II/III/IV/V”

Projectile Protection Helmets

Leather helmet with Enchantment “Projectile Protection I/II/III/IV”

Punch Bow

Bow with Enchantment “Punch I/II”


Right click with arrows in hand to fill them into the quiver. Arrow will be taken automatically to a free spot in your inventory Holds 320 arrows.

Squid Bow

Gives Blindness effect for a certain amount of time. Needs ink sacs in inventory.

Unbreaking/I/II/III Bow

Bow with Enchantment “Unbreaking I/II/III”


Archer Achievements

  • Time to Shoot! – Craft your first bow.
  • Ammunition – Craft your first arrows.
  • Cow Spiker – Kill a cow with your bow
  • Monster Shooter – Attack and kill a monster
  • Marksman – Kill a human player
  • Self owned – Shoot yourself.
  • Perfectionist – Kill a human player with your bow… literally
  • Instinct – Kill a human player blind
  • One small step – Shoot the moon!
  • Make it burn! – Ignite an entity with your flam bow
  • Bow Upgrade – Craft your first Morebows-Special-Bow
  • Winter Time – Freeze an enemy with your freeze bow
  • Poof! – Send an enemy into the void with your disappereance-bow
  • Soul Taker – Obtain a storm soul from a skeleton
  • Long Shot – Kill a monster with an arrow that was for 5 seconds in the air
  • Unstoppable – Deal 8 hearts of damage with your bow
  • Sniper Duel 2.0 – Kill a skeleton at a range of 75 meters
  • Arrows Shot – Achievement for your 500..1000..1500.. arrow

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