Crews are a simple way for pirates to group together into crews to have their own private chat, leave messages for members when they log in, track kills as a whole crew. You can only be in 1 crew at a time.

Use /crew in-game to see the available options, all commands are at the bottom of this page.

Crew names are limited between 2 and 5 characters, this acts as a tag for your crew; Giving a neater display in chat and future proofing if we decide to show crew names above heads or in the main chat. Full crew names can be written in the description of a crew which is shown in the /crew list.


/c <message> – Send a message to the crew
/crew create <name> – Create a new crew
/crew accept – Accept a crew invitation
/crew deny – Deny a crew invitation
/crew ignore [crew] – Add/remove/show crews ignored
/crew leave – Leave your crew
/crew members – Show the members list
/crew desc <description/remove> – Add/remove description
/crew motd <motd/remove> – Add/remove message of the day
/crew chat [on/off] – Toggle the crew chat
/crew list [page] – Show list crews online
/crew invite <player> – Invite a player to your crew
/crew kick <player> – Kick a player from your crew
/crew leader <player> – Promote to leader a crew player

Wiki & List of Crews

If you wish to make amendments to this page, please do so on the Wiki, the Wiki allows for crews to list their wiki page.

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