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    Ahoy folks! My market has recently reached and maintained full capacity, having every plot rented out. However, many of you still want a shop. So, to meet the ever-increasing demand for shop space, I’m expanding the market- A LOT! I’ll have around 36 new plots ready to be moved into within a few day’s time. This expansion more than doubles the amount of previously available plots! Any donations of stone brick or stone slabs to help the cause would be greatly appreciated. Happy trading!

    Owner of Port Laconia (warp market)
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    Awesome sara, i may have a few stone bricks somewhere and i do wish to eventually open up some sort of brewery (once i find out how to make one of those beer dispensers.)



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    Awesome sara, i may have a few stone bricks somewhere and i do wish to eventually open up some sort of brewery (once i find out how to make one of those beer dispensers.)

    Ah, another competitor!

    *cracks knuckles*


    But good job sara! Glad to see you’re getting even richer, while I’m stuck in the slums XD

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    “Cracks knuckles”… xD

    - Chailey (@Chailey)
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    Good Job! Warp Market is the wealthiest place on piratecraft! Now becoming even more wealthy! When I joined this is what happened.

    <h1>Richest Shops from 6-7 months ago to modern time</h1>

    6-7 Months ago going from 7-1 as in richests to now richest

    1. Iamthereaper89’s Warp Shop (Or Skymanjays I don’t remember)

    2. Bislo1’s warp trade warp/Warp wolf made by Ma_c_hi

    3. Warp food made by arinthros

    4. Warp market made by saraphim7


    When I first joined, I could warp to Iamthereapers89s shop to buy everything for a home, a never really had gone anywhere else XD. Then ships came….

    Anyway, shops moved the economy, whether helping it or destroying it.




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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