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    [Piratecraft] This Weeks Highlights News                                                            Writer:Reptaria

    [Highlights] The canal, by the people, for the people
    One of he best story’s so far! 24 members on the server has started a project called “The canal for the people by the people! I made an interview with one of the members on the project athenmos to tell me all what’s been happening. This project had a lot of contributors but the main contributor was ani. This massive project was 4000$ and prices still rising as the people still buy more tools and supply’s they need to finish.
    The record number 1 million blocks broken to build this Canal. its a stunning view and helps ships get to there destination faster. 137 shovels were used and more growing in numbers are being used. Sadly there were 50 deaths so far in the process and so much TNT was used in the process that the canal just needs to be shaped. Any ship can get though the canal if its trying to get to a destination faster for siege warfare or trading or just trying to get to a destination. This wonderful Canal is being credited to:


    More people than these people listed helped. they all have done a great tribute to this server and Piratecraft thanks them for there services.

    Thieves on the server!  Unicorn and skyman jay has been the few of many that recently been raided on the server Some have been banned for this crime stating some were admins
    Check the punishment tab to see who has been convicted of crimes. But this is not the only epidemic thats happened on the server, in the month of July the server shops was raided by “hackers” local Piratecraft citizens say. The criminals have been banned for there crimes against the Owner, Admins, and Citizens.

    On Monday 8/11/14 Arker and captain assended in to warfare with 2 other players and maybe starting a war. Everyone on the server is talking about killing each other now what could happen??
    As I get more details Arker and captain started to play around as captain took the play to seriously and started to attack Arker that starting a mini conflict that lasted 30 minutes as things start to cool down

    Borhimirs kingdom plans
    The royal city has guards with an  moon and sun and  there flag and insignia.
    A was built in the center of the city.
    People in the city where all 2 colors, which are gray and green
    The royal palace of reptaria has 3 layers of walls the 1st is visiting attractions and museums of history.
    The 2nd layer of the palace is heavily guarded with:
    1st royal infantry
    1st & 2nd artillery and tank regiment
    The gates our guarded by crystal barriers and ruby walls to defend the gate

    Red squadron took out 50 zombies today!
    Ani had a squadron of dogs and trains them to kill mobs. This creative player managed to have here dogs kill 50 zombies. There are other squadrons known as red blue green and black.
    Black squadron is going to be the most elite and highly trained dogs! Ani is in the making of an dog army!

    Yet just Another exciting day in Piratecraft

    Copyright inc.™ Player:Reptaria @rye rye Marcova  Writer&Creator of Pirarecraft News Crew


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    Athenmos  Miguil(spelled it wrong)

    Nomads Land was attacked today! among the wounded reptaria. Who called out his allys and some declined *ani not an ally.

    Nomads land was defended and also as nomads know to hide you valuables!

    War has begun but the rise a another empire is coming no matter how many times attacked or betrayed by an ally or “friend”

    Nomads Land will rise

    allied power who helped was monkey

    More to come on this progressing story


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    Update! Ani was eating a sandwich and watching Youtube videos when this event occurred 😛

    We have a quote from ani

    “That sandwich was yummy!” ~Ani

    ~High Admiral of the BE Navy and EventMaster of the Piratecraft Survival Server~


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    Woah woah woah! Arker killed me and didn’t give my stuff back! he took it too seriouly!


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    Also what about the conflict between like 15 people vs. pokemon and deathnote?!?!?!


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    early morning yesterday 8/15/14 to mid noon the whole server was In full out warfare. even the most powerful could not kill these 2.



    they has full enchanted diamond armor and bows when u get near them you could fly back so far you could just think I am flying. Even when they claimed they were not hacking. it was hard to believe

    First of all Athen and Unic really have strong armor and they have played on the server for a long time. Pokémon and Death just got on yet they had all this and then so many mobs when we finally broke in. they killed everyone almost about 2 times. It first started when reptaria saw that markus had died in chat. he quickly put away his stuff and was ready to fight with him. As soon as rep got there he notice these 2 were up in a high tower and firing bows that took down 5 health hearts each shot. :/ I find this very weird 2 people so fast can just come on and be that good. Reptaria shouted into chat he needs reinforcements but some people that he was just going crazy as usual.

    monkey and wild came and nerf came reps allies and nomads. That was not enough for those 2. they jumped down with there swords and went through us like water. quickly everyone came and they died 2. Ani came in as we were about to loose the battle with he red army and they killed them quickly soon other people sieged the house and got in death and pokemon were savaging what armor they could find wearing leather armor or iron and gold boot.

    Battle time- 2 hours

    when the looting started they found so much stuff that is stacked that is hard to get.

    That’s all for today. Have a Great day 🙂


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    thx for reminding me 😛 about the story


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    Another Day in piratecraft:

    im waiting for gods to get on, he knows why 🙂 @tom @godsdead

    im trying to get full enchanted dmar

    and I started the tools and wepons

    that’s basically what im trying aim for


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    Well it’s been awhile and allots happend!

    New rules put out by then admin reaper:


    Also I would like to state i reptaria have declared war on Darthon! I’m sorry unicorn but he has done to much and I must get my revenge,

    Darthon: Lieutenant Rank

    Ally: Lam: Captain rank

    Tho this is a risky attack I will not give up until they surrender or forever leave.

    Either way I’m getting revenge on darthon. TNT and bows ready and siege time comes soon!

    That’s all for today enjoy your night!


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    11the September 2014

    • I cut in half rgjbcgdk ship to make 2 East Indiaman ships
    • Unic0rnjunk101 stole a half…
    • Then Markusi13 stole the other half…
    • The separate halfs were battled against each other to the death

    There was blood, tears and burning sails.

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