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    With the refresh of the server, I re-installed dynmap and managed to get this feature added, I requested this feature to the dynmap developer which he kindly created for me.

    Donators can now create a sign with [dynmap] on the top line and all other lines are the text that shows on the icon on the live map. If you wish to choose an icon use icon:iconname You can pick an icon from the image below.

    The feature I requested was to categorize all these sign markers into a markerset, so that group of markers can be toggled, This group is called “Pirates” and is disabled by default for new map users.

    Markers are present are infinite as they are not assigned to individual users, so this is more of a testing period to make sure this feature does not get abused.The default dynmap icon is an icon of a sign. I planned on making this a pay-to use feature using in-game money, but at present the system does not support anything like this.New icons can be added on request (they need to fit in with the default ones)


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    I attempted [dynmap], I know it is for donators at the moment, it said that I dint have permission for that command. Was wondering-could it be done that when you buy a livemap icon, you also get a rank, for a day, that allows you to place them? So, I pay £300 for a day, or hour, or whatever, to get a rank I can place signs with? And like the donator thing, it sort-of times out/runs out? Just an idea.

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    • Topics: 547
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    No, at present this is a trial to see how its used, At present a Donator could make a sign for anybody since they are infinite, So I suggest making a deal with a donator for now, The Pirates Layer is not supose to be on by default, but it looks like it is still…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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