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    We have had a new Pricing formula for rented shops for a while now, but nobody has got around to updating the shops (As its tedious and long).

    I simplified everything, The formula is 3.3*%volume%/100 This makes every rent-able properly cheaper (Once every single one is updated) I also changed the updated shops to be rented 7 days at a time as opposed to the month or two weeks as it was before, so you could rent for less, need less capital to rent, you can still rent up to 30 days at a time.

    I do have a spreadsheet for all shops, but I’m not releasing it until all shops have been updated with their correct updated volumes.

    Thanks to River and Max I was able to remove the tower from S40 and reduce its volume dramatically, it went from about 30300 blocks to 10338, bundled with the new formula drove down its price dramatically to only £341.15 per 7 days (£1462 a month, It used to be about £1800 a month)

    To give you how long this takes, this took me, river and Max about 3 hours to do 1 shop update, smaller shops that are cuboid only can be done much faster.

    1. No I cannot resize your shop, only un-rented shops can be resized.
    2. No I will not change your price to the new formula, only un-rented shops will be updated in the order I have picked.
    3. Just don’t ask for anything to be done yet, this is an information post. every shop will be updated over time, any orange admin can do this task, not just me.
    4. The process is Delete the signs, Delete the shop, Resize the claim, Re-create the shop, re-create the signs, set its group. (There all either too big or too small, nothing is perfect hence the sketchy prices)
    5. We have a whole micro-market town thats up next for shop creation, since this will be fresh it will all be using the new formula with its own warp centered (/warp shop6) this is the plan for the next set of shops to be updated.

    What I did today:

    • s40 Resized, Modified and updated with the new pricing formula. £341.15 per 7 day rentals.
    • s71 Resized, updated with the new pricing formula (Big Stall) £7.99 a day, Max 7 days rental at £55.90, Previously about £140 per day!
    • s72 Resized, updated with the new pricing formula (Big Stall) £7.99 a day, Max 7 days rental at £55.90, Previously about £140 per day!
    • s5 Resized, updated with the new pricing formula. £200.97 per 7 day rentals, 861 a month.

    Hope you like the new reduced pricing 🙂

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