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    My current in-game rank is Carpenter. However, I donated while I was a sailor. After ranking up to Carpenter, it is as though the ranking system didn’t trigger for my account due to the higher rank. As a result, I can no longer see what my next goals are or rank up. When I ranked to Carpenter, I remember seeing a staff member say something like “just so you know, now you can’t rank up again until your donator rank runs out”, but it didn’t really register at the time.

    I would like to start working on my in-game rank progression again. However, before I realized the gravity of this bug, I donated a few months in advance. I would really prefer not to have my progression stagnate for the next roughly 3 months until this runs out.

    If there is anything that could be done to trigger the ranking system, that would be great. If not though, would it be possible to just have my donator time left removed so the ranking system can continue? If there is no other way but this can be done I would prefer the loss of the time I have left to be exchanged for the ability to rank up during my holiday time off.

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    The requirements to the rank of gunner is following:

    • 7 days to playtime
    • Break 30.000 blocks
    • Place 30.000 blocks
    • Get to level 80 in exp

    Thse requiremets can be found at /warp rank, plus they can be found here on the forums here


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    yeah, this is a bug with all donators, it seems to not recognise that you are the rank you are, and instead says you do not meet that requirement.

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    Ah yes just keep farming stats and rank up when your donator rank runs out

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    I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed, but it’s understandable. Thank you all for your responses!

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