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    As the Lord of Greywatch I wanted to make an updated post on what Iridus already said while also making my own changes. I apologize if this is considred spam.
    Location :
    Greywatch is located in the Donor Sea , within the Shipbreaker bay at the coordinates : 2511 -15
    Price :For the remaining weeks of May , the prices will remain

    30$ – Shops
    15$ – Stands
    50% discount for Elven Citizens
    However on June 1st the prices will change according to what we learn in the course of this month .
    Rules : 
    >1. Do not attack anyone in Greywatch unless in self defense.
    2. Do not make any changes to the exterior of your shop that might conflict with the theme of the city , breaking this rule could be punished with eviction.
    Docks :You will be able to rent a dock and park your ship in the Greywatch port for a fine determined by the size of your vessel , talk to Iridus , Melior or Kenzo if you are interested.

    Info :

    There is a safety hole in the town centre , jump in and do /home in case you are attacked , more of these will be added.

    Wiki Page : https://wiki.piratemc.com/Greywatch

    List of Shop owners :

    SilentKain , Volpex_ , emielreijs , SnapCrackPlays , Nahadoth , CrazyMoneyy , anandak

    Blacklist ( People who have attacked the village before and might do it again so watch out if you see them near ) DriftingSixGun
    Screenshots :
    Greywatch as seen from the Map

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