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    Greetings fellow traders and pirates! I want to proudly announce the opening of a new shopping town at Greywatch. The aim for this trading village is to provide players with an alternative to the well established London and warp shops and bring more traffic to regions outside the main continent.

                Location                                                                                                                                                       Greywatch is located to the north of warp donate within a bay. The cords for the village are 2511 -15, it is also marked on the map, so getting there shouldn’t be too hard.

              Advantages over existing shops

    • Price – this is, I would say, the selling point of our shops. Because this is only the beginning of this area, rent is low- 30$ a month, so come rent a shop now to get a huge discount over the price of London or warp shops.
    • Security – Greywatch is guarded by walls and is considered to be the strongest castle of the elves. Despite of many sieges, it has never fallen and it remains a beacon of safety.
    • signshop.piratemc.com- Thanks to this amazing tool, buyers can find your shop without it being in a well known area and you can make a profit here easily.


             Rules for shopkeepers & visitors

    • Don’t attack anyone unless in self defence. This is a place of trade, not war.
    • Sell unique things or lower the prices.
    • Have fun and let other do so too! Don’t be a jerk to other shop owners because they are dropping the prices too low or for any other reason. This is free trade after all.

    If I’ve managed to convince you, contact me in-game or on the forums to rent a shop and I will gladly find one for you. If all the shops currently available are sold out, I will expand the area. I plan on building a railway to warp donate for ease of travel, but I’ll need @godsdead ‘s permission for that.

    Note: I have nothing against London or warp shops, they are both great places. Graywatch was built by @kenzo74 , but due to his absence, I will be running the shops.

    Update: Market stalls are now available to rent. Have you got items to sell but not enough to maintain a whole shop? Market stalls are for you!

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    Good to see the rise of another trade port.

    I will be contacting you later.

    - Solo player -

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    This is fantastic a new set of shops have opened up! Its always exiting to see new projects unfold!

    I wish you all the best!



    As for trying to use a public warp…

    No you cannot capitalise on a public warp. Don’t argue with this point.

    Also this is in the wrong forum, I will move it.

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    Hey Iri I’m very interested in buying a large shop in Greywatch.

    PM me about it here or we could speak ingame.

    -Proprietor of Fort Abercrombie

    -Patient #412 of the Asylum

    "I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps."
    Horatio Nelson

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