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@Cysteen @Atalantaa

When I was first banned from the server I was pretty depressed I was truly saddened that not only did I get banned from a server that I had a lot of friends on but I could no longer play with my friends and the relationships that I built, I went to the store and spent 25$ on a new account I really don’t know what I was thinking or my rationality behind it but some way I was like hey I can join still play with my friends and start a new. It was a stupid mistake and I have not done it since then. I am sorry for this and it goes against a ton of rules however if you check the playtime of the alt you will see it only played for a few hours when a friend of mine who I told about the alt ordered me to get rid of it because it would just cause more issue and that snapped me out of it and made me realize he was right that I was banned for a reason and should just accept it like everyone else and make a post for staff to debate if I should be unbanned or not.

Cysteen I do apologize you feel this way but I was a pretty ruthless pvper and some of that involved tricking players to let me in their bases, I however I do not feel this should change if I should be unbanned or not this server is a server for all people builders and pvpers it was build like purposely and it does a amazing job at it. I however did apologize to Emiel, attempted to however this is why Atalantaa said that I called him multiple times and spammed him however this was not the case I called emiel to verbally apologize to him for our friendship falling out this is because I hope to be unbanned from the server and I would like to go back to being allies with him truth is me and him would talk on the phone all the time even when not playing the game. He did not pick up the first time I called but I did see that his icon went from offline to online so I messaged him I said hey emiel I need to talk to you. I saw three bubbles pop up indicated that he was typing then they stopped so I said you there? to which no reply at this time I realized he may not have noticed who my discord name was due to me changing it so I called from my discord named bloatedhippo. At this point I was blocked and realized that emiel has no intentions to talk to me which does hurt but I know its from my own mistake. You can ask emiel if we had a great relationship prior to our crews going against eachother. When I realized emiel had no intrested in talking I messaged @LazyDog11 and asked if she would pass on a message from me which was and I quote

I just wanted to see if you would say sorry to emiel for me I tried apologizing last night for how I treated him and he blocked me. If you could that would be great thank you.

I really do feel bad about a ton of things that happened on the server but I did message a few people whom I was the worst to apologizing so that if I am unbanned I can hopefully be friends with those people again. Even if I am not unbanned I would like to speak to them as well.

@emielreijs if you are reading this I hope we can be on speaking terms again.

I wish there was a digital scale I could show you guys that measure matureness the best thing I can say is please listen to the people who have kept in touch with me since I have been banned and have talked to me everyday they have seen me mature and above all realized all the bad I did.

Thank you for reading and your consideration.

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