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Punishment tracker.

Glitching is against the rules, and we were never sent a clear video of how you did it, even though it was recorded.

Since this information was kept secret, We have to assume the worse that you are using a hacked client.

Lets look at your existing record:

  • Warnings:
    • Advertising
    • Racist comments
    • Door glitching (Already warned for)
    • A second warning for Racist comments.
  • Previous Bans:
    •  You abused a commandblock to steal infinite items.
    • Using Alts & VPN to bypass your IP ban.
  • My pet peeves;
    • You change your username to be similar to other players to confuse people:
      This includes trying to imitate being me, which I think is extremely sketchy, if you were pretending to be me.

Based on your History alone, I’m not happy about giving you another change, you were given many many chances.

In your unban appeal you have been disrespectful to staff, partly blaming staff that they didn’t intervene in something extremely personal and specific to you and THATS the reason you broke the rules and cheated, we have Many forms to report abuse and harassment, Forums, Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, Email, Private messages, there are no reports of you reporting harassment when it happened and I will not accept it as the reason for your cheating, especially since you have been warned about glitching previously.

I HATE drama, you have somehow ALSO turned your unban appeal into a drama with other members of the server, I find this very rude, you were banned on your actions only. Do not create drama and fuel a witch hunt.

After writing this all out I can only see negatives and no positives to you coming back.


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