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Blu Pearson
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I agree it sucks to lose a siege and see all your hard earned supplies disappear. It was like clock work when i was working through the ranks that a soon as i got a handful of daimonds and decent amount of supplies some op folks would show up and destroy meand take my stuff. I never had the good sense to stay inside and would always go out and fight XD.

Of course the first few times I did like everyone does and re-spawned naked ran around trying to fight the looters at least for a couple mins anyway. Eventually i just set home in my new obby vault and it didnt matter anyway haha.

Thats the thing though, your supposed to stop them from winning the siege to keep them from taking your stuff.

Plus it just causes problems since when you re-spawn your naked so you cant do anything anyway. Even if you could get to some gear if you werent able to defeat them when you had the entirety of your defenses your not going to keep them from taking their prize :).

So you can only annoy someone and at best its an attempt to trigger a spam killing jail trip or keeps them tagged and they cant tp out. That causes all sorts of whining and chat wars and pinging staff for an issue that shouldnt be an issue.

In real life, well in the days of actual sieges you didnt respawn to annoy the victors of the war.

Not to mention the attitude changes when your the winner of a siege and its your time to take home the loot 😀 then its all “so and so wont leave us alone blah,blah,blah”

So thats why the loser needs to go to a safe room and the winner needs to just loot and leave the loser alone.

It would be awesome if the dev could implement something that triggered the loser to be tped to spawn or something. It would make more realistic.

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