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I agree with Mab since allot of Veteran players have accumulated tons of Wealth and Armor/ God Armor an everyday player doesn’t stand much a chance. If we could fight on an Even playing field that would be acceptable to most I would think. I live in a tower and don’t go looking for fights because most of the people who come after me are either in God or Gank players. So either save my hide and build up what little resources I can or get killed mugged and slaughtered. I’m pretty Shure I know which one most players would choose. Its not hard given that the probability of having a prosperously long life is short lived. I get it Most of the Veteran players are Donators which give them special perks that others don’t. I get it you spent money to get that rank and advantage but most on this server don’t and we can tell cause you all got Shinny Green Names not hard to miss. So I would Love a server war, but on a more fair playing field. I would suggest for 1 week war in which /back , /Seen, and GodArmor Enchants are withheld. If you rock at pvp it shouldn’t matter a little handicap I’m Shure you will just Enchant Iron armor to its highest and still rock at pvp and killing. Soooo if you have any ideas or suggestions please do say. I love that Idea of a Server war. Oh and Perhaps only a limited number of allies allowed in each crew say you have to choose 3 so that way we can actually have Enemies to fight. Oh now I think about it. We should make it 2 Weekends perhaps one with holiday in it so that we can get more time to battle. having it during the week is a bad idea now I think about it most players are either gone /work , or /School. A weekend or holiday weekend would be a good time in my opinion. Also shops that sold GodGear would have to be temporarily put on hold so that players cannot access for the battle. And Rules gotta have those. Like backstabbing /traitors are or are not allowed? Etc Etc Etc.


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