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Yeah same here, there isn’t much information actually on what each cannon does at the end of the day.

Mortars shoot up, Carronade/Short Cannons shoot across, Doubled Barrelled Cannons shoot across twice.

Even then, I don’t know what the difference is between a Carronade and a Short cannon, other than their physical dimensions, or if the performance of the Doubled Barrelled is any different either other than having two cannons.

Also taking into account you can now make all of them out of different materials should also be noted in how they work, or is it just instead all to do with visuals, and how they look, rather than the differing rarity of the items used in their construction- the only cannon I believe I can think of off of the top of my head which is slightly differentiated is the Rusty Carronade cannon, which can only fire shrapnel which is the weakest of all cannon shots due to it being anti-personnel but only firing a single shot.

For people who come to the server and are new and discover the different sorts, I am sure it can be quite confusing as it seems like relatively difficult decisions on what cannons to mount, and which are better in certain situations etc. But even now, to someone like me I sometimes wonder and think about what could be better, just out of pure curiosity due to just not knowing.

Testing of the cannons to find this out may have to be commenced by players whom are willing to do the research (I would be, unfortunately I cannot as of right now).


SO piggybacking off of @elisapop it should be noted to include each cannon type and material type as it wont be included in this rough summary below of statistics which matter to this subject (and please specify if none of this matters also);

The range of each cannon (ideally maximum and minimum).

The effects on projectiles, such as if certain cannon are better suited for certain projectiles, but not taking into account personal choice for projectile use on the cannon.

The noise I guess, never really thought about the noise as such, but I’m sure that could be thought about.

Effects of certain cannons, such as recoil, reload time, aiming speed, accuracy, their weight and possible effects on ship speed.


I’ve tried to think up of every point of each of these cannons, I hope this could become clearer, much like how Elisa and I’m sure other members of the community would. Thank you. 🙂


*(This may come across angry I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to, I was just trying to be formal (but I am pretty blunt) and list clearly the problems that people whom are searching for the properties of the gun types and their material equivalents face, I have in no way meant to offend anyone and if you have been, sincere apologies.)

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