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I hate to butt in, but I think it’s time someone new spoke up at this point. @odiwankenobi – Both the staff and community have given you a very strong message about how they would like you to behave until the end of March 2017. At the rate at which this is going, I can only see your forum account getting closed down and with it any chance of you returning to the server. I would find this a great pity for both yourself and Piratecraft as a whole. You have two options at this point: 1. Continue posting on the forums until a staff member clicks the ban button. 2. Take a break from posting until you create a ban appeal. You can still read what’s going on and send private messages if need be, but the staff needs to see that you’re showing some respect by staying shy of the forums for three months. It’s up to you to make this decision. I hope we’ll have you back online sooner rather than later. Peace.

I like you Paul, so I’ll behave 🙁


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