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Well… this has taken and interesting turn to when i last left it, to say the least. I guess i have some explaining to do on my part.

Firstly, sorry if i sounded too… harsh towards the Elves. You have to see this from my perspective: I saw craters, i saw a mortar with your name on it, we later found tnt… i added 1 and 1 together and… yeah. I have seen similar destruction to Vivenheim, i was the one who took 11 hours to rebuild it. Thats why i also added “I also don’t know if you mistakened the base for a VE base”. Sorry.

Secondly, i do not intend to get between you and your ‘VE business’, that’s your… mess.

Thirdly, i am in no position what so ever to criticize Elven war tactics, but could you not have double checked who owns this base, and to which empire it belonged before doing that (not saying it was all your fault)? Kingkobra is the only other leader in my crew, and i have no idea what so ever who is in this ‘German Nazi party’, or why they were at my base. But then again, i take a little blame for not informing you as well.

Anyway, fourthly, i put this on the forum to gain information, that’s all. I find it too slow to just send private messages, furthermore, i was given useful information by witnesses (thanks ken). Rep, you and I come on at very different times, sending private messages would probably make this drag on 2-3 days after it happened. Once again, sorry.

Lastly, which seems to be the biggest misunderstanding, which i am to blame for. I don’t want a war Rep. I never did. That mail was send literally within minutes of me joining the server and seeing the destruction, BEFORE i wrote the forum post. I was pretty annoyed , Kingkobra was pissed, i simply forwarded a message from him to you (sort of). Just ignore it and any other mails that come in from crew members regarding this war nonsense. Also, sorry for wording the mail badly, at the time i simply wished to end our peace treaty, that was by far not a declaration of war. If you wanted a war, then we surrender, we are in no state to start a war with the Elves, that was the last thing i wanted.

Anyway, thanks for all the info, and sorry for the stress. I was not able to answer sooner to these posts so i came in for quite a shock this morning.

For future reference, i will add a screenshot of the livemap of XE bases (red, and the capitol in a thick red), XE territory (in a brown/maroon), and VE territory so we avoid conflicts in the future (sorry its so badly drawn, i did that with the snip tool). Although you don’t really need it, you have my permission to build wherever you want on my land, however it is getting a little claustrophobic here.

Thank you to all, sorry again to Rep. I will send a private mail with the damage report, i think a few stacks of stone brick should do it – we patched quite a bit last night with my own stone.

P.S You guys are bl**dy good at destroying bases. Ill remember that.

End of topic.

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