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Change of plan-

This will be our main class of ship-get a few of these up and running, that would be great. Smaller ships will be decided at a later date.
Fleets will be arranged as below:

-Home fleet- 1 schooner (seen above) and two smaller sloops. This fleet primarily will defend the island of Port Royal.

-Expeditionary fleet- 2 schooners (seen above) and 4 smaller sloops, with the goal of increasing our capability’s away from our home base, and in non-royal seas. Also this fleet will act as our ambassadors, trading and fighting alongside our close allies.

-Rapid response fleet-In case of an emergency, and if either of the fleets above needs reinforcements, this fleet is there to offer support. Consisting of a schooner and 2 sloops, this fleet will be at standby at all times, based in PR.

If anyone has any questions regarding the report above, please post them bellow.

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